Board Minutes

NeHSA Board of Directors Meeting
Meeting called to order at 1:00
Present: Steph Knust, Niki Gemar, Erika Fink, Christie Ference, Jessica Johnson, Megan Kvols,
Angie Antholz and Deb Ross.
Approval of Minutes:
Christie made a motion to approve the minutes, Deb 2
nd, motion carried.
Approval of Financial Reports:
Deb walked through the spending for the past months and financial reports.
Angie made a motion to approve the financial report, Christie 2nd, motion carried.
Deb reviewed the audit report from Lutz.
Christie made a motion to approve the audit report , Jessica 2nd, motion carried.
Deb shared that the McDermott/Miller accounting agency will be creating a private company.
NeHSA will need a new contract in June/July with the new company. Niki recommended
updating the letter to the accounting agency stating that NeHSA would use the same
accounting agency as Head Start C&FDP Inc..
Angie made a motion to approve the accounting agreement letter with Head Start C&FDP and
NeHSA, Christie 2nd, motion carried.
Annual Report
Erika made a motion to accept the annual report as submitted, Jessica 2nd, motion carried.
No one from Nebraska is attending the Leadership Conference in January. Should we have
copies of the Annual Report professionally printed? How should we disperse them at the
capitol? It was decided to send copies to the Senator’s aides with a note. Steph and Megan
would like some copies as well. Niki will look at some different bids and we can make a decision
on the number to print at via email.
Board Positions Still Open
One parent and one friend position
Google Drive Access:
Board members will have edit access, directors and other Advisory members will have view
access. There will be a folder that has working documents in it that no one but the working
committee has access to. Niki will work on getting permissions out to everyone by the end of
the week.
Zoom Account for NeHSA
For now, we will stay with the current system but might make changes once zoom accounts are
reviewed for HS CFDP Inc.
Deb made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:35, Angie 2nd, motion carried.