Board Minutes

NeHSA Board meeting minutes
August 10, 2022

Attending: Steph Knust, Erika Fink, Niki Gemar, Deb Ross, Rita Eichelberger and Megan Kvols. Lisa Giboney
and Christie Ferrence joined at 12:25.
Meeting called to order 12:58

Announcements: None

Approval of Minutes:
No quorum

Approval of Financial Reports:
No quorum
Hill Visits: Require a State Captain-Megan might take on this roll once she has had the
experience/responsibility. Lisa Giboney agreed to act as the State Captain and will make contact with the
directors who will be going to DC.
NeHSA Dues: It was decided to double the dues for this year as this was presented and approved last year.
Niki will send out a reminder email to director’s with the new fee.
NeHSA Website:. Megan needs the current position information in order to update the website. Steph will
send Megan some updated information she has been collecting. Niki will work with Megan to get the
information updated.
Facebook Page: Megan will move forward with the development of a NeHSA Facebook page. Megan will
check with Region VII to see if we can use them to set up the Facebook Page.
Registration Platforms: Megan has been exploring different options. We will pilot EventBrite for the
upcoming HOVERS training. They charge 20% of the cost of the ticket and .79 cents for the cost of each
ticket. Megan will also check with Region VII to see if we can utilize their registration system.
Annual Report-We will invite a group of people to work on updates for the Annual Report on August 10th
after the board meeting. Steph will check on child outcomes data (GOLD) that we might be able to use in
the report.
Review of Standing Committee Reports and Motions: None

Meeting adjourned at 1:36

Next meeting: August 10th, 1:00 pm