Board Minutes

NeHSA Board of Directors Meeting-10.12.22

Called to order at 1:05

Present: Steph Knust, Niki Gemar, Erika Fink, Christie Ference, Paula Thompson, Angie Arenhotlz and Deb Ross.

Approval of Minutes:

Christie approved the minutes with changes, Paula 2nd, motion carried.

Approval of Financial Reports:

There was no motions from standing committee reports

Discuss updates:

  • Chairs for each standing committee: Paula Thompson will be chair for PD; Angie Arenholtz will be chair for Advocacy; Christie Ference will be chair for Membership.
  • Google doc’s system for the Association meetings to include: standing committee reports, attendance, attachments, recognition and thanks for participation in Association meetings.
  • Zoom account for the Association

Paula made a motion to retain the current board officers, Christie 2nd, motion carried.

Erika made a motion to retain Mike to complete the annual report for the Association, Christie 2nd, motion carried.

Paula made a motion to provide a gift basket (Nebraska items) worth $100 for the Region VII conference, Angie 2nd, motion carried.

Adjourned at: 1:48