Advisory Minutes

NeHSA Advisory Meeting
Meeting called to order at 9:05
Present: Steph Knust, Erika Fink, Kathleen Riley, Justine Bochart, Christie Ference, Bethanie
Grass, Paula Thompson, Deb Ross, Niki Gemar, Cheryl Denner, Lisa Giboney, Kristen Fagen,
Carie Jo Algrim, Audra Ostrich, Jill Bomberger, Andrea Wortman, Donica Munyiri, Jennifer
Sorensen, AngieAntholz, Juli Beck, Mustafa El Scari, Melody Hobsen. Krystie Hohnstein, Mary
Laiviere, Maureen Vinsky, Donna Veatch and Alex Daro
Regional Office-Mustafa Updates: OIG Report to improve oversight. Information from ECKLC to
go over the information about child safety and make sure your policies and procedures are up
to date. More information coming about full enrollment initiative, please discuss with your
team. ARPA and CARES funds will be coming, discuss with your fiscal departments about how
those funds were or weren’t spent.
Region VII T/TA-see report
Bethanie shared the Current Hot topics: Ongoing Assessment and Screening
Spot light Thursday, next week.
New Hot topic: Child Development
Update on networking sessions which are distributed to Directors
QCIT-see report for more information
Niki asked about the email that was sent out about IMIL, Bethanie will follow up.
Niki asked about the Planned Language Approach to support dual language learners. Bethanie
shared they were asked to find out the interest in different regions. Bethanie reported that
there was very little “yes” response from our region.
Region VII Association-see report
Donna shared that there are over 300 registered for the conference. Office of grants
management will be on site at the conference so if you have questions for the grants office you
can ask them. October is Head Start awareness month. One of the reports from the hill were
that their visits were lukewarm so we need to continue to market awareness for Head Start.
Submissions for the Sandbox are open for December. 25th year of the Head Start Region
Christie shared information about the Washington Leadership Conference. Had a group of ten
from Nebraska who met with all five representatives (or aides). They shared information about
COLA, workforce issues and appropriations. Each rep was sent a thank you and a profile for
Nebraska and overview of HS and EHS, information from NHSA workforce. Total impact, 52
state captains, 136 hill meetings, 12 reps at the rally. They all wore purple (blue and red
together) to represent HS. Christie felt that the aides were very supportive, lukewarm from the