Calling all Current and Past Head Start/Early Head Start Parents and Caregivers

Calling all Current and Past Head Start/Early Head Start Parents and Caregivers:

Please sign this letter asking President Biden to ensure that Head Start remains strong!

Signing Deadline: Sunday, May 12 at 11:59 p.m. ET

This letter, on behalf of Head Start and Early Head Start parents and caregivers, asks our country’s leaders to continue the national commitment to providing all children the foundation they need to thrive, regardless of their circumstances at birth, by reconsidering the impact of the proposed new Head Start rule, and prioritizing:

  • Making sure any new requirements are fully paid for, and do not result in reducing the number of children and families served;
  • Keeping children safe and healthy utilizing proven practices, not arbitrary federal rules; and
  • Recognizing the unique cultures, traditions, and preferences of communities and continuing to provide Head Start programs the local autonomy to meet individual community needs.

Current and past Head Start/Early Head Start parents and caregivers are all encouraged to sign this letter. We hope you will sign and also circulate this request to Head Start families in other organizations.

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